Trade your digital assets on our blockchain based solution

E-PIC is a white-label marketplace for anyone who want to monetize their intellectual property rights by turning them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and trading them.


Monetize your digital assets via NFT

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a virtual asset that exists on a Blockchain and has a unique digital signature that makes it singular.
NFTs are used to create verifiable digital scarcity: once NFTs are created and saved on a public Blockchain, their total number is known and unchangeable

There are plenty of ways you can make money with NFTs. Anything digital can be sold as NFT. New and existing assets. Physical objects can be bought as NFTs.

What you need, is the right platform where to trade them. Your platform. This is what e-PIC can provide to you. Easy.


Your Brand. Your needs.​

Whether you are a sports club or entity, a music label, a broadcaster, a gaming developer, an art gallery, a celebrity, an athlete or any other intellectual property right holder, you came to the right place.

E-PIC will solve your journey into creating and managing your NFT shop under your brand and following your needs.




GIFs with fightings


Media & Ent


Easy way to create, mint and trade digital assets​

Group 1810

Right holder creates assets
Group 1809

Right holder uploads the assets
Group 1808

John buys the asset
Group 1807

Revenue sharing between Right holder and ePIC

What assets can you create?

Any real world or digital asset can be transformed into an NFT.​


e-PIC for S.L. Benfica football club

A state of the art marketplace for a world class football club – S.L. Benfica.​

ePIC has partner with S. L. Benfica to provide a white label NFT marketplace under the Benfica brand, whereby the club’s digital assets can be minted and traded.

It is all done with the vision of creating fan engagement and loyalty other than revenues.

User Generated Content

Engage your fans by allowing them to trade their own content​


Laura creates an asset

Laura uploads the asset

Right holder/ePIC authorize asset

John buys the asset

Revenue sharing between ePIC, Laura and Right holder

Safe and Solid Tech

Our technology

The Platform operates within an Ethereum private blockchain through a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism based in Master-Nodes.

Due to its nature, the blockchain does not require “gas” to operate, so it becomes more efficient.

It integrates multiple forms of payments including: crypto wallets, credit card, Paypal.

Each future customized front end will also include a specific dashboard to manage and follow transactions and metrics.

Our RLT stablecoin can be leveraged to create a unique branded stablecoin/s for the right holder E-pic solution.


A partnership between Betacom and Reality Code

Betacom: is an innovative IT firm focusing on consultancy, design, development and prototyping of IT solutions. Betacom promotes digital transformation of business processes using innovative technologies.

Reality Code: is a Public Benefit Corp based in Los Angeles, CA founded in 2018 focused on leveraging NFT technology and blockchain to help our partners launch successful regulation-compliant NFT releases. It uses blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens and have created a proprietary coin / wallet to guarantee traceability and transparency.